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Einmal im Monat biete ich die kostenlose "Aurasprechstunde" an.

Sie ist ein Gruppentreffen mit mir per Zoom (Videokonferenz) für alle,

die mindestens an Teil 1 des Auragrundkurses nach Heiko Wenig teilgenommen haben.

Die Aurasprechstunde ist für:

The inner family consists of the inner child, the inner woman and the inner man. The childlike, female and male parts in us together form the basic pillars of our soul structure. The inner child stands for the basic joie de vivre, light-heartedness, courage, creativity and all abilities. The inner woman carries the energies of feeling, acceptance, self-love and devotion. The inner man stands for order, clarity, structure, strategy and profession.

Working with the inner family is a very direct way to get in touch with your own soul energy in a healing and creative way and to integrate the healed, unfolded energies into your life.

During a one-on-one appointment, I will explain the process of encountering your three inner parts (developed by Heiko Little) so that you can repeat it for yourself over and over again. Then accompany you through the contact and various moments of healing and transformation until the inner person is doing really well. This inner work always leads to a very tangible positive result and has a correspondingly positive effect on our life and being. Duration about 1 - 2 hours. This appointment can easily be done over the phone.


85€ incl. 19% VAT/ hour

No upcoming events at the moment
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