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Further training

Dagmar Pauer gave the Aura Master Course I and the Body-Oriented Energy Work course in Hamburg in the first half of 2022. This year there will be a master class I with her in Neubrandenburg and master class II in Wendland. At the beginning of 2023 there will be another master class I in Hamburg. I am so happy that the aura community in the north continues to grow! Dates see below.

Astrid Grabow regularly gives channel seminars in my practice. Dates for 2023 see below.

Anja Sina Scheer gives the master classes I and II and the light body training in Berlin. In 2023 she will come to Hamburg for the basic training in earth and space healing and the first part of the light body training! Dates see below.

FurtherTraining according to Heiko Wenig and fromAnja Sina Scheer are offered in many places in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Aura Master Class II

Course leader: Dagmar Pauer

seminar content

  • Working with the light body, the most luminous and highest level of energy work

  • Energetic straightening of the chakras - a very special initiation and alignment in the divine order

  • energy breathing

  • Integration of the elemental power of the soul: Activation and liberation of one's own strength and power

  • advanced healing techniques to resolve deep-seated blockages and complex issues

Seminar goal:

Learning new useful ways that are available for personal, spiritual advancement and work as an effective healer, expanding knowledge and one's own skills.

Training body-oriented energy work

Course leader: Dagmar Pauer

This course is suitable for anyone interested in energetic body healing.

While the holistic effect of healing is in the foreground in master class I and other aura training courses according to Heiko Wenig, this two-part training course "body-oriented energy work" specifically focuses on the body and physical healing. This means that what you have learned so far and many new applications of energetic work are geared towards the physical.

seminar content

  • Energetic work on the body level

  • Understanding the wonder of the body and its various systems

  • Aura and chakras in their correspondence of the organs with corresponding functionalities

  • Interplay and integration of body-aura-light body

  • Connection of physical structures into the system network of the divine order

  • Combination of techniques to heal the bodily structures

  • Harmonization of the endocrine and nervous system

  • Possibilities of healing the thymus gland, spleen, brain, blood count, autonomic nervous system, bones, muscles, ligaments, spine, deformities

Everything in this course comes from many years of practical experience and successful application, so that the course conveys the content in an easy-to-learn, harmonious flow in a body- and practice-oriented manner.

Prerequisite for participation: Aura master course I. Body-specific previous knowledge is not required. Registration is binding for both parts of the training. These cannot be booked individually.

Training for Light Body Work/ Module 1

Course leader: Anja Sina Scheer

The light body is the most subtle field of our energy. It contains all the potential of the soul as pure light energy.

The energy of the light body is becoming more and more present and intense in this day and age. The light body work supports the integration of this light energy in human consciousness, in dealing with, shaping and developing life and the personal light qualities of the soul become more conscious and livable. Human limitations dissolve more and more and open up new worlds.

In the light body work, awareness of this energetic level is opened and the energies from the field of the light body are made tangible and tangible.

In this training, the basic understanding of the human energy field is conveyed and the perception of it is trained. Wherever the personal strength of perception lies, the connection to one's own abilities is strengthened and anchored in consciousness.

You will receive valuable techniques to support processes of awareness, to release blockages and to gain a higher understanding of manifesting, which you can use for yourself as well as for clients in energetic sessions. You are able to use your skills to individually design a light body treatment.  

Module I - Basics   of the light body & the aspects of the light body

  • Awareness of the levels and modes of action of energy:  Aura and Lightbody

  • Perception training in the different perception channels: feeling, knowing and seeing 

  • Generate energy shift through mind control

  • Understanding the levels of the Lightbody

  • Recognizing, connecting and grounding skills

  • Working with the Angels and Masters in the Light Body  

  • Activation and expansion of potency and abilities

  • Energetic mode of action of the different energies of the heritage of God (divine carrier energies)

  • Working with high-frequency and highly effective light energies such as Mahatma energy, mystical healing spirit, prosonodo light

  • Experiencing the Light of the Soul 

The other modules of the training will follow in Hamburg in 2024. But you can also do them in other places,see Anya's website.

Training in space and earth healing

Course leader Anja Sina Scheer

We spend most of our lives in certain places and in certain rooms. These are shaped in their energy by ourselves, by the environmental energy and, under certain circumstances, by what was there before us. This is how we affect the rooms, but the rooms and squares also affect us. 

Our personal well-being, the unfolding of what we

bring into the rooms is also influenced by these basic conditions. This affects the quality of sleep, health, working atmosphere, success, family life and partnership. 

This training includes techniques that both neutralize negative storage in places and enable positive energizing to optimize room and space energy. 


The following content awaits you in this seminar:

  • Energetic cleaning and raising the vibration of rooms and places

  • Electrosmog neutralization

  • Healing and harmonization of geopathic lines (earth currents, water veins and leylines)

  • Cleansing of emotional and mental legacy and energy beings

  • Anchoring desired energies

  • Erection of places of power and columns of light

  • Redemption of earth-bound forms of energy (e.g. from the deceased, ex-partners, previous tenants,...)

  • Creation of personal resonance lines and fields

  • Contact and cooperation with the nature spirits

  • Working with the Light Crystals

  • Significance and change of constellation and space energy (Feng Shui)

  • Presentation and application of simple tools 

It is a very practical seminar in which we will experience and also change a wide variety of space and earth energies. After the training you will be able to independently carry out a complete energetic room cleaning and to optimize places.

Here the participants have the opportunity to make their houses, apartments or business premises available for the practical implementation of the techniques. 

The training ends with a practical test and includes a certificate.

It is a basic training and therefore a prerequisite for participation in the advanced training module Earth Healer Master Course.

Dates 2022

Aura Master Course I

Part 1:  March 4 - 6, 2022

Part 2:  March 18 - 20, 2022

Aura Master Class II

dates to follow

Body oriented energy work

Part 1:  May 6-8, 2022
Part 2:  May 20-22, 2022


Master classes I and II each 995 € incl. 19% VAT, repeaters pay half. Installment payment is possible.

Body-oriented energy work 1050 € incl. 19% VAT. Installment payment is possible.


Location: Wexstraße practice or larger area in the center of Hamburg


The number of participants is limited, please register with Dagmar Pauer


channel training

In my practice, Astrid Grabow gives a basic and an advanced course on learning to channel. I have been channeling for many years and heartily recommend Astrid's valuable work.

Dates 2022

March 26, 2022: Basic course - 1 place left

March 27, 2022: Advanced course - 1 place left

New dates are planned for autumn 2022

Please (pre-)register directly with Astrid.

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